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Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with communities, clinicians and health service providers in a supportive and collaborative environment to investigate, discover and apply knowledge to improve health services and outcomes for consumers.

We achieve this by:
  • Engaging in research and development projects that generate new concepts and approaches to health service planning, delivery and evaluation;
  • Innovating in research and evaluation method and methodology;
  • Conducting research and development projects that influence and impact on policy and practice in health care;
  • Securing funding from a variety of sources for clinicians to engage in research and development activities;
  • Share findings from our projects with others through publication and presentations to advance innovation in health services;
  • Mentoring the next generation of clinician researchers and consultants through the application of  disciplined, evidence based processes.
f contact
Phone: (03) 375 4200
Postal: PO Box 36126, Merivale, Christchurch 8146