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What we do

We provide health research and support for innovation. We work on a variety of projects ranging from clinical research to health service evaluation and planning.  Our projects generally come under the following categories:
  1. Clinical practice research, innovation and information sharing
  2. Health service development and planning
  3. Health service review and evaluation
  4. Information technology in health
The Institute team has experience is a variety of research activities. These have included  systematic investigations of services, processes, products and devices that support clients maintain their health in the community. Clinical safety, symptom management, self-care enablers and support to achieve health goals have been the main focus.  The Institute has developed collaborative relationships with researchers and tertiary institutions to ensure that research and development processes are robust and positive outcomes maximised for the community and clients. Priority is also placed on developing collegial relationships with other providers of community/home based health care to partner in service development and research activities. Our flow diagram below illustrates the process of engaging clinicians in research.
NZICHC Research process diagram 2013
Collaboration with Clinician Researchers
The Institute has established a collaboration of clinician researchers who are available to work on specific projects by applying their specialist knowledge as both clinicians and researchers. We provide mentorship for clinician researchers within our supportive environment.  We support university-based summer studentships; providing a community-based environment which has many research opportunities.
NZICHC Collaboration process diagram 2013
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Phone: (03) 375 4200
Postal: PO Box 36126, Merivale, Christchurch 8146